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I'm not Martha Argerich, and unfortionatly, I do not know her. :( *crys in corner for five minutes & then returns* Anyways... As I was saying... I have no contacts or ties with the living legend.

The photo for the top image I found at This site. The original picture (before I edited it. ^^;;) was photographed by Stephanie Argerich, her daughter. (I also am not her and have no contact with her.) If you're reading this, Stephanie (Yeah, right... What are the odds? -.-*) I hope it's alright to use it. You're a great photographer. ^_^

The layout/coding/content was done by me. Please don't steal anything. (Yeah why would you, it looks kinda bad. @.@) If you have any questions though, just email me and I'll be happy to email you the coding or anything else.